Baby Melissa Turned One & Marley Spoon Helped in Celebrating It

It was my daughter’s birthday and being one of the famous baker in Australia I had to make something extraordinary for my baby. Melissa was turning one and for this big celebration I wanted to have all the goodness brought to her. For making her birthday party a grand one I arranged a backyard celebration where I was cooking everything for the loved ones who were to come and bless my daughter. Me and my family needed blessing of one more important thing which was helping me out in getting through all the thick and thins in my business – marley spoon voucher code for 2018.

The store has been my guide in bringing the perfection in my cooking and baking. I remember when I used to bake cake, pies, cheese and other stuff to satisfy the taste bud of all the food lovers. I was serving to a big community of people who had diversified taste. This helped in improvising the baking and cooking technique, this was made only and only possible with the supply of yummilicious ingredients all fresh and tasty just for people who love food.

The store provided me the dairy products and spices which I needed to make the best food and again on this beautiful occasion I was all set in the kitchen to make this beautiful cake from the ingredients coming from Marley spoon.

After putting Melissa to bed at night I came to the kitchen all laced up with the preparations to take care of the big task ahead of me. I was not going to cooking something exactly at home as I planned barbecue for the backyard birthday party so little marinating was required on the stuff which took hardly half an hour and I think cake would take almost whole night because I was to prepare the master piece for my princess.

My efforts were sincere and I was myself quite stunned when I saw what I actually worked on whole night. The cake looked amazing with white and pink frosting and little cupcakes to compliment the huge birthday cake.

Melissa was all ready by 2 in the noon as guests were expected by 3 and I set up all the decoration in the morning so that I don’t have to go out before guest arrival. My husband helped me out in everything I did with the backyard but his real task will start when he will start with the barbequing.

The day was so blessed one as everything went so well. Melissa looked outstanding and my food backed up by Marley Spoon coupons was liked by everyone and everyone appreciated the cake the most. I cannot stop thanking Marley Spoon which has been bringing the most awesome offers in every way round. More Coupons at Supersavermama